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What Can We Do For You?

Maybe you sell on the internet. Maybe you have a traditional brick and mortar store. Or maybe you do business both ways.

Maybe you have a single site or maybe you have multiple locations across a wide geographic area.

Regardless of how you do business, your goal is to process credit card payments -- whether they are one-time transactions or recurring subscriptions -- with minimum cost and with maximum speed, security, and simplicity. We make that happen!

  • We review with you the wide variety of sophisticated payment processing products, services, and procedures that we have available.
  • We collaborate with you to select the options that are best for you -- with the result being a payment processing program tailored specifically for what you need and how you do business.
  • We carefully guide you through the process of setting up -- and if necessary, transitioning from any other system -- so that you can start using our services quickly and conveniently.
  • We support you with call-in centers that are staffed 24/7 every day of the year by trained representatives -- business never sleeps and neither do our business service centers.
  • We summarize your activity in an easy-to-understand monthly statement.
There is electronic payment processing. Then there is iPayNet Corp.